JNJ Associates Inc
Hampstead, NC
                           What We Do For You

  •   * JNJ works directly for the owner of the project, be it a commercial building or
    complex, or a private home. We represent the owner, the person(s) footing the
  •   * JNJ Associates, visits your project daily, spending as much time as
    necessary to assure that your contractor is following approved designs, plans
    and specs.

  •    * JNJ insists that all workmanship meets our company standards. We do not
    accept, "But it's industry standard". If a contractor's work is not up to our
    standards and yours, we insist it be corrected or replaced at no cost to you, our

* The owner has only one contact to make once a project begins, that's JNJ
, providing the owner with peace of mind. We interact with the
designer, contractor, suppliers, etc., providing information and clarifications
when needed.

* Maintain a proper project schedule. The owner always has a completion date,
both in his mind and in a contract.
JNJ monitors all phases of construction to
assure that the schedule is adhered to without unnecessary delay.

* JNJ maintains a tight  vigil on cost over-rides and contract changes. Using our
extensive experience, we assure our clients that labor and material costs are the
only time we accept "industry standard", and that charges are tabulated correctly.

* Provide a weekly report to the owner/client as to progress of their project via
electronic mail.

* Assist the owner/client in reviewing the parameters of their construction
contract before work begins if requested.

* Assist our clients in securing reliable contractors.   

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