kathi thorell reviewed Connected: Book 5 of the Mike Romano Series
 Loved this Book July 26, 2018
Loved this book!! This book was a real turn pager. Read the book in a day. Totally enjoyed the characters and story line.
Steven R. Merola reviewed Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano Novels Book 3)
 The Real Thing October 16, 2017
Dirty Baggs is a gritty, no-nonsense, reality-based procedural that keeps you "on the job" throughout the read. This guy must have actually been to these places because I have, and his
descriptions are spot on! The123Precinct does have peeling paint in the offices upstairs...I was there once filing an anti-fraud complaint.
The tension combined with boredom of a stakeout is rendered perfectly.
This is a must-read...Read More
James D. reviewed Worms in the Apple
 A great read July 4, 2017
Another great read by Joe DeCicco Mike Romano is one kick Ass cop back in the day when Society respected Law Enforcement. Looking forward to book number 3
Harold Thomas reviewed Worms in the Apple (Mike Romano Novels Book 2)
 Number 2 June 24, 2017
Another experience that has me wait to see what's going to happen in the next story- I usually stop at one or two so I can read many books but this time I have to read the whole series--
Harold Thomas reviewed Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano Novels Book 3)
 Romano June 24, 2017
Love the detective stories keep them coming!! I'm going to look for the next one now. Any female leads around..?
M. Anderson reviewed Angel With a Gun: Mike Romano Series (Mike Romano Novels Book 1)
 Exciting cop story March 8, 2017
The tale was good and moved along well despite the grammatical and spelling errors that plagued it. The main character was well thought out too.
John reviewed Connected: Book 5 of the Mike Romano Series
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 Held my interest without the blown up usual macho hype ... December 11, 2016
Held my interest without the blown up usual macho hype. Just regular Police work. More realistic. When is the next book?
Amazon Customer reviewed Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano Novels Book 3)
The best one so far February 3, 2016
Great story written by someone who knows how things work in the real world. Fiction but easily could be real. Easy read that will keep you interested from start to finish.
JEANNINE M DUKE reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels Book 4)
Thank you Joe! July 30, 2015
Mr DeCicco please keep telling these stories. I'm hooked. It took me three months to finish this book. I did not want it to end. Being with Mike in his day to day is real. I walk where he walks.
His feelings are relayed in a personal language Again I will say. He is my friend. I can hear him talk to ME. No flowery puffed up jargon. Just person to person. Keep them coming. Hay where
is Hollywood? They sure are missing out on a great series.
Amazon Customer reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels Book 4)
Realistic plot. May 19, 2015
Loved this book. Couldn't wait to read the series.
Robert M. Beatty reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels) (Volume 4)
He shows us a world that most of us will never see or can even visualize While engaged in this work he falls in love again. March 14, 2015
Mike Romano earns his gold shield and is promoted to detective in the Narcotic Division. He shows us the dangers in setting up the sting operations necessary to rid the streets of narcotic
dealers and prostitutes. He shows us a world that most of us will never see or can even visualize While engaged in this work he falls in love again. .He earns the right to be called Bulldog
in both his work and in the pursuit of romance. Persistence pays off.

Robert M. Beatty reviewed Worms in the Apple (Mike Romano Novels) (Volume 2)
Following the fictional New York City Cop, Mike Romano ... March 14, 2015
Following , Mike Romano, as he goes about his duties on the streets in the Big Apple makes for eye opening reading. As he gains experience he remains a stand up for your beliefs honest
cop, whose ability to make the right decisions in uncanny. He keeps his imagined relationship with St. Michael the Archangel. He makes it clear he accepts his obligation to the public and to
the Department most seriously.

Robert M. Beatty reviewed Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano Novels Book 3)
... of Mike Romano and in this reviewer's opinion his best one. Now March 13, 2015
This is Joe DeCicco's third book in which he sets out the activities of Mike Romano and in this reviewer's opinion his best one. Now, an experienced New York City Police Officer , Romano
still stands firm in his beliefs while receiving pressure for higher up to do otherwise. By the time you put the book down you know Romano will continue to fight to protect the public and to
weed out corrupt police officers.

Robert M. Beatty reviewed Angel with a Gun (Mike Romano Novels Book 1)
DeCicco goes into great detail to describe his daily activity including a firefight ... March 11, 2015
DeCicco introduces the reader to the fictional character, Michael "Mike" Romano, who has personal reasons to want to become a police officer. Then he details the hard work and
determination it takes to graduate from the New York City Police Academy
During his training Mike begins an imaginary relationship with St. Michaels and is determined to become a conscientious , honest and honorable police officer
Bruce Phoenix reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels Book 4)
What a ride !!! February 4, 2015
First I want to say " Thank you " to the author ( Joe DeCicco ) for putting your life and career on paper. Great reads !!! Mike Romano is not only as I stated early a man with drive and
determination but a man with integrity, honor and most of all a Heart of gold !!! I must say I'm a bit saddened not due to anything pertaining to this novel but for the fact that...... I WANT MORE
! I'm not sure what the author Joe DeCicco is doing now-a-days but I sure hope he's not just sitting around some card table or planting roses and he's writing another KNOCKOUT !!!
Bruce Phoenix reviewed Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano Novels) (Volume 3)
Homerun !!! February 4, 2015
This cop should be the poster cop for all to follow. I dare not give ANY details about the book within this review. Take the ride yourself, you won’t be disappointed. You did it again Mr.

Bruce Phoenix reviewed Worms in the Apple
WOW..... February 4, 2015
As expected this book kept me wanting more. Mike Romano is a man with drive and determination!

Bruce Phoenix reviewed Angel with a Gun (Mike Romano Novels) (Volume 1)
I'm Hooked! February 4, 2015
Just knowing these Mike Romano novels were based on the life and times of a career police officer in the NYPD was intriguing by itself. I found that I couldn’t put the book down. A real
page turner!!! Seeing this officer evolve and conquer was awesome. Can’t wait to see where the next novel takes me!!!
5 Stars
L. A. Holland reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels) (Volume 4)
EXCELLENT addition to the Mike Romano story January 3, 2015
EXCELLENT addition to the Mike Romano story. Characters are multi-layered and this makes them interesting and "real". If you ever wanted to know what life for a NYPD detective is like,
this is THE series to read. Earlier editions of the book had serious editing problems, but they have been corrected, making the later editions much easier to read. Even without the
corrections, this book is well worth reading. I can hardly wait for the next book to be published. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Donna Fairbairn reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels) (Volume 4)
I think they are great and can never wait for the next one October 8, 2014
I've read all of the Mike Romano novels by Joe DeCicco , I think they are great and can never wait for the next one. Joe does a great job of portraying the police officer. John Fairbairn


FrankieD reviewed Angel With a Gun: Mike Romano Series (Mike Romano Novels Book 1)
' The book got better and better as Mike learned the ropes of policing October 6, 2014
Just finished Joe DeCicco's 'Angel with a Gun.' The book got better and better as Mike learned the ropes of policing. Half way through, I couldn't put it down.


W. Messer reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels) (Volume 4)
and not doing something stupid. Mike tells the tale as if its a ... September 17, 2014
Mike writes from the heart, and I can almost re-live his experiences of being a fresh new Detective, working his way through the departments and their internecine maneuvering of being
bold and decisive, while, at the same time, not doing something stupid and getting killed. Mike tells the tale as if it's a chronicle of his daily activities, matter of fact, prose verité.

New! John reviewed Bulldog (Mike Romano Novels Book 4)
Mike is "movin' on up" August 14, 2014
The Mike Romano books have progressively improved.
He (Mike) now has his gold shield, he's moved past his miserable wife and found a new love.
What's next? Can't wait!

The following is the official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Dirty Baggs" by Joe DeCicco.]

Mafia, bribes, corruptions in high places, conspiracy, and larceny are just a few of the problems Mike Romano is currently facing in Staten Island. The third book in the Mike Romano series,
the main character is dealing with the effect of his on-going divorce, a murder investigation, and, unbeknownst to him, a problem from his past.

It’s been 11 months since Mike was transferred from the Big Apple to Staten Island. The move put a lot of financial burden on his family and now he’s paying the price for it. After catching
his wife cheating on him with her hairdresser, Mike throws the guy out and files for divorce. His soon to be ex-wife and her family blame him and she’s being nothing but a pain in his ass.

With all the divorce drama, Mike puts his mind into his work to keep his mind off his personal life as much as possible. While traveling to work one day, he witnesses a murder and run. All
he sees is the black bronco driving away. Determined to get the murderer, he tries to help neighboring precinct 120 in solving it. To top off his workload, he discovers that no burglary
reports are followed up with a latent prints procedure. Determined to make himself look good for possible detective work, he pitches the idea to his boss and gets the job of being the
latent prints person.

Little does he know, however, that an old nemesis is on the prowl and may have his fingers in more than one of Mike’s problems. His former DI in the big Apple, Dennis Bryan, is still taking
bribes from Rocco Lucelli, Mike’s ex-almost brother-in-law/friend, but the reader’s not sure why. Lucelli’s mafia is also behind the murder that Mike’s trying to solve. Has Mike taken on more
than he can chew? Will he ever make detective? Will he be able to make peace with his personal life?

From page one, the reader is drawn into the narrative hook, line and sinker. The author does a great job of building up the mystery in a natural way while mixing action, mystery, and internal
dialogue. His use of humor in tough situations helps the reader to have sympathy for poor Mike.

The character dynamic, like the other two, is fantastic. Unlike most police fiction, the characters aren’t cut and dry, not even the bad guys. Each character is fleshed out to perfection,
probably because they’re based on real people. The plot has continuous twists and surprises. It is not a whodunit book, but more of a police procedural one. Unlike traditional mysteries
where the criminal's identity is concealed till the very end, the reader is made aware almost from the start what is going on, or thinks they do.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed the book even more than the other two, which is rare for me since I usually only like the first book or two in a series. The premise was sound, the
execution was masterfully done, and the characters were likable and realistic to boot. I would recommend this book as an excellent read to all lovers of the genre.
June 24, 2013

5 Stars
New! Drake Ferguson reviewed Angel With a Gun (Mike Romano)
Gritty reality from a guy who lived it.
I thought DeCicco captured the grit and grime of what it means to be a cop and projected it with a lot of flair.
This is not your TV sitcom cop story; it had real heart and substance.

A "must read". -Drake Ferguson  

4 Stars
Money Man reviewed Worms in the Apple (Mike Romano)
January 1, 2013

DeCicco continues Mike Romano's career in this book. Character Development is one of the things I like about the book. Romano continues his Angelic career, only to be thwarted by his
Devilish enemy, the great Pumpkin, the red haired Dennis Bryan. Romano's career slowly advances as he tangles with Bryan. Meanwhile Bryan struggles to maintain his powerful and
important position in NY City's Police Force. Both Romano and Bryan risk their careers to antagonize each other. I can't wait to read the third book to see if Romano makes Detective, as he
seems to be destined to achieve.
4 Stars
OregonDreamer reviewed  Worms in the Apple (Mike Romano) by Joe DeCicco
Joe DeCicco does it again~!, December 6, 2012

Another great Mike Romano story with the viewpoint this time of a warrior on foot. For some reason I rarely think of cops walking a beat. I should... I had one escort me around all four
directions of a cross walk after I had jay-walked in downtown Denver in the early 1970's. Very embarrassing but lesson learned. I can see Mike doing something like that to enforce the point
that it is better to use a cross walk than to become a hit-and -run fatality. Much more effective than a lecture or ticket. I enjoyed this perspective of a cop's job and hope that another book is
coming out soon.
4 Stars
OregonDreamer reviewed Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) by Joe DeCicco
Another winner., December 6, 2012

Another great story about Mike Romano, a cop in New York City. I finished this book in October, 2012 and just discovered that I hadn't written a review and thanked Joe DeCicco for sharing
his experiences through his books. While not being filled with a lot of "action", they do depict a portrayal of day to day policing in a big city, complete with the politics, the bias and of course
the good. Thanks to all the good cops out there for living up to the "protect and serve" creed.

Robert Aberman , November 25th 2012

I really enjoyed reading Joe DeCicco's Angel With A Gun.  It is a fast-paced novel that was difficult to put down.  In particular, it was fascinating to get into the mind of someone doing the
gritty job of being a police officer, not just on the job, but Mike Romano's home life as well.  I really feel I could see the precinct station in my mind, and feel the fear, not only for his and his
partner's safety, but of not doing the right thing.
I must say, I saw the end coming!

4.0 out of 5 stars first time reader, November 21, 2012
By Terry L. Courson -
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) (Kindle Edition)
kept my interest through out look forwarding to reading the next one would not spend a lot of money on it
4.0 out of 5 stars inspirational, November 21, 2012
By ppile - Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) (Kindle Edition)
The plot was magnificent. Mike Romano was trying to get ahead in his career but he wasn't selfish in doing so. He tried to include everyone around him.
Brilliant piece of writing.

grumpyness - reviewed Dirty Baggs (Mike Romano) (Kindle Edition)
4.0 out of 5 stars Dirty Baggs, November 15, 2012

Impressed with the knowledge of police workings, jargon, and affect that the job has on individuals and families. Story line was believable, and there was a satisfying amount of intrigue. I
will be looking for more of the 'Mike Romano' episodes.
Money Man reviewed Angel With a Gun (none)
Money Man October 15, 2012

Decicco creates strong characters that are easy to identify with or easy to despise. A Family man that becomes a Police Officer to right the wrongs and provide for his family. A child
molester. A Dirty Cop. He also brings reality to the life of a police officer, while placing the reader in the car with Mike Romano. His story is well written and easy to read. I can't wait to read
the next one.
Auddie reviewed Angel With a Gun (none)
Angel with a gun October 6, 2012

I just loved this book. I sometimes have problems with books holding my interest but this was an exception to the rule. I just did not want to put it down. Therefore, many times meals were
very late - which is not a good thing because my disabled son lives with me and we are both diabetics. Don't panic....no bad things happened as we are both pretty much "go with the flow"
people and adjust well. I absolutely love Amazon...
OregonDreamer reviewed Angel With a Gun (none)
Makes you think...and wonder... September 13, 2012

When I first started reading Angel With a Gun (none) I thought to myself - "is this a book I want to continue"? After a couple of chapters the answer was - "this is better than I thought it
would be". When I reached the end, the thought running through my mind was - "is that all"??
From taking us with him through his decision to become a cop, to riding along with him and his partner Len, Mike shows us what it is like to work the streets. Through it all, his experiences
with suspects, politics and even his marriage remind us that this is not an easy job. It takes a special person to truly care, to be fair and to be honest. We can only hope that there are more
like Mike on the force than not.
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John reviewed Dirty Baggs
Great Cop story October 11, 2011

I've always liked Cop books. I prefer reading series of the same character finding it more entertaining and following the progression of the hero. I am a big fan of the character Harry Bosch
by Michael Connelly. I have a few others but now have added Mike Romano to my list of Lucas Davenport, Virgil Flowers and former MP, Reacher.
Mike Romano's setting is more familiar to me. I am a former New Yorker, born, raised and...Read More

5 Stars rating.. James reviewed Dirty Baggs
On the Job Reality, Expressed Through a New York City Cop's Eyes and Heart. October 4, 2011
By James J.Kaufman,award winning author of "The Collectibles"

Michael Romano, the New York City Policeman introduced by Joe DeCicco in "Angel with a Gun", his debut novel, featured again in "Worms in the Apple", and now in "Dirty Baggs", the third
in the series, stays true to his unique character and mission to get the bad guys. Once in a while a writer emerges who can disregard some of the rules of writing and rely on the strength of
the story. I was drawn to this book, and have given it five stars, because of its inherent cop-culture reality, one I witnessed first-hand during fourteen years as a town justice in New York.
Readers looking for thrillers and suspense, set in the world of New York's Finest, won't be disappointed.

5 Stars
D. Ward reviewed Worms in the Apple
Mike Romano Returns! March 23, 2011

This is the second installment in what I hope is a long series of novels. Oddly familiar and realistic, I can't help but feel as though I am there, in New York, with Mike trying to sift the Worms
out of the Apple. I also wonder if the fictional names were created to protect the "not so" innocent.
5 Stars
D. Ward reviewed Angel With a Gun (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
Engulfing October 22, 2009

When I read this book I completely was engulfed in the story, which is so familiar, being a New Yorker, and the daughter of a N.Y.P.D. Cop/Detective. Completely believable, I am waiting for
the next installment. I recommend this book to Crime Drama Enthusiasts, as well as fans of N.Y.P.D. Blue, Hill Street Blues and classic detective stories.
5 Stars
Michael J. Mcelhone reviewed Angel With a Gun (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
Angel with a Gun April 2, 2007

Fantastic book! I am originally from the NY area and it captured the essence of the city. Highly recommended.
Harriet Klausner reviewed Angel With a Gun (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
gritty neighborhood police procedural February 4, 2006

Four years ago Brian Wilkey raped a preadolescent, but was freed by an activist liberal judge on a technicality. This case motivated Mike Romano to become a New York cop because he
wants to put away the animals.
He becomes upset to learn that a child molester raped a little girl in his neighborhood in Queens, but got away with the odious crime. Mike also learns that a beat cop rarely works predatory
sex crime cases though this particular one haunts him as it reminds him of why he became a cop. Though he knows he should not investigate, he begins to notice the department is loaded
with corruption starting near the top with deputy inspector Bryan who is too busy to seek out a predator. Thus Mike begins to search for clues to identify the pedophile before this animal
harms other children.
Fans of gritty neighborhood police procedurals will appreciate this tense cat, cat, and mouse thriller though it is biased against activist liberal judges but ignores conservatives (i.e., the
severely burned woman in Maryland) and Judge Breyer's writing that judges actively judge or else allow a computer to rule. Brian is a heroic Blue Knight who wants to keep the streets
cleaned of the predators that at times seem to lock away the law abiding citizens in their "prison" homes. His courage and obstinate determination to stop the child rapist turns him into an
avenging ANGEL WITH A GUN and makes for an exhilarating action-packed tale as he tries to follow official procedure, which is frustrating and not often easy.
Readers' Comments