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Construction Project Management

Currently acting as owners representative for a 54 acre medical park in Scottshill,
North Carolina
Over 40 years construction in the
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The Role of a Construction Manager and/or Owners' Representative
Services We Provide

  •        The construction manager (CM) is an individual or group of people that
    ensures a project is properly designed, engineered, and constructed within a
    specified time period for a given, usually budgeted, amount of money. Once a
    project has been designed it is put out to bid where general contractors submit
    written proposals to perform the contractual work. Traditionally, one of the  
    construction managers should be the owner’s agent, especially in the
    commercial sector, but it is important to recognize that the general contractor
    also has a construction or project manager. Throughout the construction phase
    of a given project the two construction managers work together to complete the
    project to the satisfaction of the owner and the contract documents; One CM is
    the project owners agent (JNJ) while the other works for the general contractor.
    Each performs similar functions but have different responsibilities. Their
    common goal is the completion of the project.

On site inspection:  It has been standard practice for project managers to
perform either daily or spot checking, depending on number of tradesmen on
site, of the project to meet requirements in plans and specs. The inspection has
the objective to ensure that the construction is performed to the quality set out in
the contract documents.
JNJ Associates are on the job site daily.

 Responsible for corresponding with owner, designer,
contractor, suppliers, etc. Providing information and clarifications when needed.

Project schedule:  This schedule is usually set forth by the general contractor's
project manager. It is one of the most basic contract administration tools
available to JNJ Associates and the owner. The most common issues related to
project scheduling are those originating from delays, suspension, or
acceleration of the times established in the contract for the completion of the
work. If a schedule is unavailable, JNJ Associates will formulate one. The owner
must maintain a meaningful schedule to monitor the contractor’s work progress
and to use as a tool in resolutions of disputes caused by delays and

Negotiating Changes: One of the biggest challenges for a CM is negotiating
contract changes. Contract changes can be driven by owner requested changes,
unforeseen site conditions (as mentioned above), design errors or omissions,
or conflicting information in the contract documents. JNJ as owners construction
manager, the owners reps., always take care to carefully review change orders  
to avoid "excessive construction costs":
As buildings and construction projects continue, field conditions dictate
necessary changes. Those changes usually result in change orders that require
additional owners expense. A contract change usually results in a cost and/or
time extension for the contractor, although some changes can be a credit for the
We ardently monitor all changes to assure the owner gets the job and
result he is paying for without excessive charges.

Residential Construction:
In addition to large commercial projects, the role of  
owners representative is extremely important in residential projects also.
As our area continues to grow, many private home owners are erecting costly
residences. Often the owners of those properties are still residing in their old
homes, many of them a great distance from their soon to be new residence.
Contractors are left with no daily  supervision of the owner or their
 That practice has a negative potential. JNJ is dedicated to
assure that owners receive full value for their hard earned monies.

When you use our services, the result is  considerable savings to the
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