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In his novels, the series main character, Michael Romano, is a dedicated police officer
who sometimes, while performing his duties, inadvertently becomes involved with people
who have no business being on any police force. Mike is an honest, police officer,
righteous almost to a fault. Subconsciously, he compares himself to Saint Michael, the
Archangel. Always wanting to do a good job as a servant of the public, Romano, thru the
forces of the universe, inadvertently gets involved in incidents and investigations that are
more exciting then the basic duties of a police officer.

Follow along as Romano, always trying to fulfill his need to help people and correct
any wrong that he witnesses and attempts to overcome restrictions in his quest, both
from within the “Job” and his own human failings.

Mr. DeCicco explains that his writings come from an inner need to share his experiences
with others in a well-defined attempt to show that. The stories are written with energy and
often touched with humor.. He has shown,
"The Job”, is not a vocation but an avocation
that spans all the nuances of the human spirit.

His entertaining works show sometimes complex personalities of those who choose to be
the daily guardians of our society, while fulfilling the public’s ongoing interest with police
He has spent more than half his service in plainclothes; including over four years in the elite
Organized Crime Control Bureau as a narcotics investigator, one year with Brooklyn Central
Robbery and more than three years with the Brooklyn South Detective Division assigned to
the 62nd Squad in Bensonhurst.          
He has been the lead investigator on investigations ranging from minor crimes through
kidnappings, and homicide. Joe has been certified by the courts as an expert in latent
fingerprints. Upon leaving the NYPD, Joe obtained a private investigators license and is still
active in that field, often, pro bono.

After spending twenty years on the streets of New York, Joe happily retired in on July 4th
1993, truly celebrating his own Independence Day, with over twenty awards and decorations.
In Angel, Mike witnesses a crime against a child that strikes too close to home.
As a result he becomes a police officer and vows to somehow bring the
perpetrator to justice. After graduating the Police Academy, he is assigned to a
tough command in Harlem where he learns how to be a proper police officer. As
his career unfolds,
Mike learns who the molester is and why he hasn’t been
brought to justice.

Excerpt from Angel with a Gun:
The man that Betty Romano saw did not match her preconceived notion of a
child molester. He did not look like a pervert. Wilkey appeared to be about
5′-10″ tall. He was clean shaven and had sallow skin. He had a slight redness to
his cheeks, which emphasized the pale orange ghosts of boyhood freckles.
Betty thought it might be because of his fair skin. Wilkey wore his hair cut short,
though not so close that it hid the natural waviness. He seemed to be a rather
thin man, maybe 150 pounds. The hands of the man in the mirror were rather
large, with long fingers. He could have been a piano player. …………….
Mrs. Romano began to hope that her archangel would indeed avenge the little
Worms in the Apple is the author’s second effort. As the novel unfolds, Mike Romano, a
New York City Police officer is about to begin working in a new command that includes
the sleazy world of 42nd Street, in the heart of Time Square, “The Apple,” as the NYPD
cops know it, in the mid 1970’s. The flavor of the era floats from the pages.

The commanding officer of the precinct, Dennis Bryan, known to Romano as a
crooked cop,
is one rank above Captain, that of Deputy Inspector. Mike Romano knows
that Bryan has protected a pedophile in the past.
Mike has vowed to bring Dennis Bryan
to justice.
Mike makes a controversial arrest that brings him new information as to the extent of
corruption his commander is involved in, resulting in open verbal and tactical warfare
between Romano and Bryan.

Excerpt from Worms in the Apple:
From Mike’s left, three quick shots were returned by one of his partners. At that moment,
he didn’t know which one it was. Revved up by adrenaline and basic survival instinct,
Mike also fired three times into the darkness. His shots were low and sent in the direction
of the muzzle flash he just saw in front of him. The sound of his own weapon snapped a
page from his training to the front of his thinking process. Mike remembered his training.
Stop. Count your shots. Don’t empty your weapon. It could cost you your life.
From his right and slightly ahead of him, two more shots were quickly fired in the direction
of the shooters. Mike thought his head would explode with the noise. He ears were
ringing. He felt something wet and cold splash on him. Must be water from the damn
trays, that thumping sound, angel wings or my heart?
Dirty Baggs is the third novel in the Mike Romano series. Baggs takes place in Staten Island,
New York’s most suburban like borough. Mike Romano had everything he ever wanted, a wife
and two children, a home of his own and a job that he loved.
One fateful night, he arrived home early and his world changed. Mike becomes involved in the
investigation of a homicide that he inadvertently witnesses as he drive to work. Because he
wants to advance on the "Job", he convinces his Captain to assign him as the Latent Finger
Print Officer within his command. In this novel, Mike balances his work and personal
problems, yet he still manages to catch a bad guy or two.
Follow along as he catches a
church burglar and plays cat and mouse games with an old antagonist, his former
Commanding Officer. Even Mike is surprised when he learns "Baggs identity."

Excerpt from Dirty Baggs:
Driving at sixty miles an hour, the hum of the tires was almost hypnotic. Mike had been trying
to push thoughts of his soon to be ex-wife out of his mind and to concentrate on the roadway.
Mike Romano had never thought that he would be included in the national statistics of the
police officer divorce rate of 60%-70%. In his almost trance like state, he absent mindedly
reached to raise his window and didn’t notice two men standing next to a black Ford Bronco
that was stopped on the right shoulder of the roadway. As he drove past them, it happened,
POW, POW, and POW. The cop in Michael Romano snapped back into the real world.
Romano, with ten years on the job, heard the sound many times during his time in Harlem
and in Midtown South. Those three gunshots brought a kaleidoscope of vivid memories........
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  The author promoted to Detective
Mike Romano, a righteous and dedicated
cop has had his personal life in shambles
since his divorce .After getting transferred to
the dangerous world of a Narcotics
Investigator, he lives only for the job, until, a
series of events changes his life once more
Mike learns that he has friends both in the
Mayor's Office and the Italian Mob
Providence steps in and he meets his soul

Excerpt from Bulldog:
The six men present in the room jumped
around as if the floor was on fire. Kilos of
narcotics  and  cash  flew around in every
direction as a coffee table was overturned.
Weapons were pulled and fired.............At the
same time, the Cashier emptied his weapon
at two men in front of him and then appeared
to throw himself down  on  the deck  in  one
motion. The blast and loud  report  from  a  
shotgun  was  seen  and  heard.  For several
heart beats, the scene on the screen was
nothing more than smoke, noise and
movement for a few seconds. It was all a blur.
Book Five in the series is  here.
Mike learns what it means to be
"Connected"  !!

"Police officers may drive black and white cars,
however what goes on in their job is a lot of
grey."...Arik Matson
Book One of the series
Book Two of the series
Book three of the series
Book Four of the series
In this installment of the Mike Romano Series, Mike realizes that a Detective's world
is not black and white, but all a different shade of grey.
He also learns more about his family background and uses the information like an
artist uses his paintbrush. The picture is always the same, but what the viewer sees
is sometimes different.

Excerpt from Connected:
“Detective  you are a devious man and worthy of to be  in  KGB.  That  is  not  proper  
at  all.  How  will  you  do this? ”
Cold  as  ice,  Mike  continued  his  routine,  “Dimitri, just  know  that  I have  my
ways.  I have many connections here in this Italian community and  I am  Italian. Your
mafia started after World War II, we Italians invented it. Use your head,  maybe  I
wear two  hats;  maybe  I  go  back  and  forth across  the  line. Do you want  to try
me  out?   Is your manhood worth the risk?”
Titov was silent for several minutes. Romano pulled his own chair up to a file
cabinet, opened a drawer and rummaged through the contents as if he was looking
for something, yet watching his subject’s expression and body language as the perp
was deciding what to do.